Jul 10 • 1HR 1M

Culture and Ownership

How is it that we come to own things?

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Thaddeus Hughes
Creating machines that reflect the uncreated, divine, Logos. Here, we're building machines that glorify God.

0:13 - The relationships between technology of the Factory Tycoon, Day Laborer, and the Farmer are drastically different.

1:33 - Thomas Aquinas on possession; how is it that we own things?

4:29 - The “free market” is an attempt to arrive at what genuine needs are, but it’s fallable.

8:13 - Ownership can take place through usage.

19:54 - Everything needs to be radically transformed to align with God’s will.

30:19 - AI can't make new axes for investigation, it only fills in along existing axes.

33:54 - When technological artifacts are passed down, there is usually a loss of culture.

36:03 - Coming into communion with an object is really a communion with the person who concieved it before me, and hopefully God.

37:59 - Today's tools are ANONYMOUS.

39:33 - What is needed is a passing of culture - what is culture, really, though?

40:37 - Jargon is actually a healthy sign, we just need to inculturate into it. ( http://www.catb.org/jargon/ )

44:52 - A word in the jargon changes your frame of mind towards what things should be.

50:03 - Everything is on lease from God.

(Apologies for the less than amazing audio this time. We tried some different gear. I hope this 1:1 format yielded some good fruit, too)