Machines from God.

A Deus Ex Machina, or “God from the Machine” is a trope from theater where a deity (idol) is presented by means of a crane.

However, we reject these false Deus Ex Machinae that our culture want to build and worship. We recognize the created world as just that - created. At its best, a reflection of the uncreated Creator; at its worst, a distortion.

Technology can be a force for good (the gnostics are wrong) but will never be the highest good (the materialists and transhumanists are wrong) - that’s reserved for God.

Waking Up.

Unplugging from the matrix is the first step, and that’s part of what we do here: raise the alarm that our machines and ever-advancing progress will not save us.

Fixing the Order.

But then, we still live in the material here and now. How then should we live? Here, we explain principles behind use and development of rightly-ordered technology.

Machinae Ex Deo are rightly ordered - Machines from God.

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Technology and the Logos


Thaddeus Hughes

Building Tools, pursuing Theosis.