To promote technological development and usage for the advancement of Christendom.

  • By technology, I mean everything from shovels to smartphones: the entire set of things man has created.

  • By Christendom, I mean the arrangement of the world as a pleasing offering to God.

This project has four sorts of 'legs': things it stands on, and parts of a journey. This blog is a starting point.

  1. Inspire those in the dark who don’t see anything wrong with our trajectory, or that we have to just accept a dystopian future.

  2. Clarify the problem statement(s); understand the sort of technology we need to produce.

  3. Network others who care about these things, wherever they might be; do so with appropriate technology. We’re not building the metaverse here, folks.

  4. Act. We're not posting memes on Facebook. We’re getting hands dirty.

A big part of this is going to be letting this be organic and letting the spirit flow: be open, actually interact and use comments or bring things offline, don't hesitate to ask for people's contacts.

An open note on denominations

I am a Catholic. Specifically, I'm raised Roman Catholic in a protestant mileau, who's now in love with Eastern Catholicism (Melkite, specifically). I don't know exactly the denominational flavor this project might take on, but for myself, I find that drawing reference to liturgy, saints, tradition, and orthodox church teaching will be essential and fruitful. I do value diversity of thought but not at the expense of richness; any diversity must be a 'both and'.

Who is Thad otherwise?

I suppose there's a lot of facets to that, and more if you get to know me. Some key things to know:

Want to write/contribute?

Let me know. I don't care if you're the CEO of a successful tech startup, a layman struggling with smartphone addiction, or a monastic farmer living off the grid in Alaska: if you have something to contribute let's see if it fits.