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Nov 27, 2023Liked by Thaddeus Hughes

The same phenomenon is a known problem in software: programs tend to lose features over their iterations in the interest of expanding their userbase but at the cost of utility, depth, and quality.

I experienced this well in my old mid-'90s Dodge Intrepid. We would take the old, bouncy, featureless (cassette deck included!) car out to empty parking lots when it snowed to feel the understeer, feel when the wheels slipped, feel the brakes lock and the early ABS, and practice getting out of slides. Not only was it fun, it familiarized me with the most dangerous tool in my life at the time and developed one of modern life's essential skills. The Nissan I drive now has little feel, but the worst part is the CVT. The crimes of steer-by-wire have nothing on CVTs.

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